You may be wondering….

If you’ve come to this blog looking for my teaching notes on “Exploring Membership with Following Jesus”, you may be wondering where Sessions 5 and 6 are. With the help of a generous techno friend of mine, I am migrating my Kingdom Treasures blog – and my other websites and teaching resources – to one single domain,

Please visit the new site… it’s not yet complete, but you will get an idea of what’s happening. The audios and notes of my Sunday teachings (including Exploring Membership) are all available weekly on the church website


About Kingdom Treasures Blog

I am married to Gill and we have two grown-up children, Zander and Misha-Joy. We live in an intentional Christian community called The Field, located south of Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a Vineyard pastor and author of a number of books. My passion is to see God's Kingdom come with power to save, heal, form and transform us into Christ-likeness. I have taken Paul's words as my life-mission: "To live a life of love, just as Jesus loved us..."
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  1. shiloh59 says:

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ 🙂

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