Kingdom Treasures is a ministry of The Field

It is based on the scripture verses in Matthew 13:44 & 52, that God’s life and rule is like treasure found in a field, and a trained teacher can bring out these treasures, both old and new realities. The Christian resources that we make available are the product of certain community relationships known as The Field. God’s Kingdom, with all its treasures, is discovered and shared in a network of committed friendships, through which people are healed, equipped and released in their callings and giftings, to be and do all that God intends.

Alexander Venter and Bruce Boynes have been empowered by the relationships in The Field in Johannesburg to make available some Kingdom treasures, both old and new, in the form of relevant Christian resources, to equip people for life and ministry in God’s Kingdom.


Alexander, Gill, Zander, Misha-Joy

Alexander is married to Gill and they have two children, Zander and Misha-Joy.

They live on a community farm south of Johannesburg, called The Field. Alexander was ordained into ministry in 1975 and has pastored churches in Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Soweto.

In 1982 he spent time working with John Wimber in Southern California. He is currently the Pastoral Team Leader at the Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Johannesburg.


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  1. Neva Loock says:

    Goodday – I have purchased a MP3 formatted “The Passion & Resurrection of the Messiah, but it won’t play I have asked several “more computer literate than me” friends to check it out – to no avail. Please can I send it back and get a copy that works – I would really love to hear this teaching.

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